Data Quality Services

The data quality services provided by Data Pillar can be divided into four core elements; profiling, enhancements, hygiene and deduplication. To undergo these four tasks manually would prove costly both in terms of time and money however using our services we can take on all of the hard work.

Data Profiling

Data profiling looks at the condition of the data that is available to your business, assesses it for weaknesses and identifies opportunities. Data Pillar’s profiling tool will then set up rules to execute on incoming data to begin the process of maintaining data quality.


Data Enhancement


Data enhancement increases the value of your customer data by identifying which new information points to capture. Going beyond your customer’s basic contact information, this can extend to customer demographic, location and device preference. This will provide your business with more insight into your customer base so they can be targeted more accurately with higher response rates. Data Pillar has access to several sources from which this data can be captured to enhance your existing customer information.

Data Hygiene

Data hygiene cleanses your data to produce accurate customer records. Without undergoing the data hygiene process your business is at risk of wasting money on delivering a message which isn’t going to be received. Data Pillar will use several techniques to identify errors within your data so you can eliminate wasted spend, contacting customers with inaccurate information and ensure you are compliant with industry regulations.


Data Deduplication


Data deduplication eliminates duplicated customer records across multiple data sources. Similarly, to data hygiene this process helps to eliminate wasted spend and communicate with your customers more effectively. As well as eliminating duplicated records, these records can be matched and consolidated to give a more accurate overview of a customer.

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