Marketing Automation

Campaign Management

With data now originating from so many different sources your business needs to establish a presence across a number of different channels in order to interact with its customer base. This involves planning and implementing various campaigns which can become difficult to manage without having a clear view of them in one central location.

Campaign management tools can show you at a glance how your latest marketing campaigns are performing and how they can be optimised. Data Pillar has experience of working with Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle campaign management platforms. We can help your business implement a holistic marketing strategy which will ensure that you interact with customers on the channels that they use most; making your marketing communications as efficient and cost effective as possible.


Automation Tools


Having to setup the same campaign over and over again but with a new coupon code for example, can be time consuming and stretch the resource of your marketing department. By automating these tasks such as email blasts and social media updates, your marketing team can focus on its overall strategy and your next campaign.

Data Pillar can win back valuable time for your business, by providing marketing implementation services for a number of the leading cross channel marketing platforms. Therefore delivering increased ROI allowing your business the freedom to re-invest in new marketing campaigns and continue to grow.

Segmentation & Modelling

Segmentation is crucial if your business wants to maximise its ROI on marketing campaigns. Identifying your customers by segment, i.e. Females over 50, means that you can target them with more relevant messaging which increases the likelihood of a customer responding to that message.

Accurate segmentation will help your business cement solid foundations upon which you can build predictive modelling. This looks at the way segments respond to your marketing messages and the likelihood of them taking action, such as purchasing from your business.

Data Pillar will work with you to understand how these two elements can add value to your business and use this insight to build out your current marketing strategy.


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