Single Customer View

At its most basic level, your customer data is made up of a name, address, email and phone number. However we are here to take you beyond the basics and help you use your data to your advantage, becoming more knowledgeable about your customers using business intelligence and machine learning techniques.

For example, understand Where your customers shop? Where do they socialise? What do they earn and how they spend it? Our SCV solution transforms all your business data including individual, household and family level names and addresses, CRM feeds, campaign data, email, mobile, behavioural data, social activity data and many more.

Imagine having the answers to those questions and then being able to target them with a relevant message in the right place at the right time. With the implementation of a Single Customer View, your data will become your most valuable asset. It will give you a 360-degree view of your customers and help guide decisions on the entire customer journey.

Through a process of continuous learning, the SCV itself will become more intelligent, it will produce more sophisticated results to guide your marketing strategy. The cycle continues and your business reaps the rewards.

An SCV will consolidate all of your customer data, cleanse, analyse and enhance it and ultimately provide you with access to your target audiences both online and offline. This not only produces the consistent cross channel experience that consumers have come to expect but they experience a more relevant and enjoyable experience with your brand.

There are millions of pieces of data available to your organisation, but knowing how to begin using it to make strategic decisions can be a daunting task. At Data Pillar, we pride ourselves in using a combination of scientific and technical expertise to produce an SCV that is tailor made to your business.

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